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About us
The Federation of Pathfinders of Russia (FPR/Organization) is a children's and youth public association. He educates the pathfinder in cooperation with his family, in close unity with the camps working under the "City of Masters" program, together with creative, educational, sports, defense, patriotic and other public organizations, and state institutions of the Russian Federation. FPR helps families to educate children with honesty, courage, initiative and kindness; develops health and cheerfulness.

The purpose of the FPR:

Support and development of traditional family education.


Carrying out activities aimed at:

∘ comprehensive development;
∘ health promotion;
∘ moral education and training of pathfinders;
∘ creating an opportunity to bring up children's love of knowledge and responsibility for learning;
∘ instill an interest in your homeland, culture and art;
∘ providing assistance and support to initiative guys in their endeavors;
∘ creating conditions for improving the upbringing and development of useful skills in children.

The Laws of Pathfinders:
1. Do not harm the living and dead nature.

2. Give a shoulder to a weak body, a weak Spirit of faith in him.

3. Harden your body and Spirit, remember, the world around you will be what you will become.

The Commandments of Pathfinders:
The Pathfinder is faithful to God, devoted to the Motherland, fulfills the instructions of parents and superiors.

The Pathfinder is honest and truthful.

The Pathfinder helps his neighbors.

The Pathfinder is a friend to everyone and a brother to every other tracker.

The Pathfinder is polite and helpful.

The Pathfinder is a friend of animals and of all nature.

The Pathfinder is thrifty and respects other people's property.

The Pathfinder is pure in thoughts, words, deeds, body and soul.

The Pathfinder is hardworking and persistent.

The Pathfinder is cheerful and never loses heart.

The Pathfinder is modest.
Structure of the FPR:
The Federation of Pathfinders of Russia consists of seven different departments and bodies that control the work of the association at the highest level. Of the main ones , it should be noted:

1. The FPR Conference is the highest authority of the FPR organization, is held annually, selects the composition of the FPR Council, forms and approves the calendar plan. The calendar plan of events is developed by the Council of the FPR for 1 year, approved by the Conference; planning and adjustments are made by the Council annually at the Conference of the Council of the FPR.

2. The FPR Council organizes activities between Conferences, executes a calendar plan, organizes the work of departments, local, regional and interregional events.

3. Information Department - informs the participants of the FPR, the Investigative Movement about the events held, publishes a magazine, administers the website, groups of the FPR in social networks.

4. Methodical department - preserves, develops the Investigative method, publishes methodological literature, in particular: "The Book of the Citizen", "The Book of Pathfinders", "The Book of the Leader", "The Book of the Pathfinder-instructor". Organizes training seminars for heads of public organizations and associations.

5. International Department - conducts international affairs of the FPR: organizes delegations to other countries and a meeting of foreign delegations; conducts teleconferences.

6. The "External Relations" department is engaged in the search for partners and sponsors for the organization.

7. The Secretariat - keeps records of membership, awarding titles, diplomas, and commendations.

Contacts for communication with:
∘ the FSR Council;
∘ editorial board of the Pathfinder magazine;
∘ information department;
∘ department of "External Relations";
∘ club managers;
∘ courses of counselors, instructors, chiefs of squads;
∘ program directors.

Phone: +7 (904) 639-45-24

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